“Trump changed America. And keeps on doing it”

The battle between Trump and the media.

Katie Walsh – senior adviser American First Policies

There reason for the success and victory of Trump. A Unique message energy, a real Understanding why American were annoyed and the extreme leftist Obama policies.

The best economic era is now. We had the best GDP forecast of the last 7 years. The approval in the states we won is now the same or bigger than in the Election Day, and all the 4 intercalated elections were won by republicans in the last year.

Trump has a very big heart and cares about the people

People may not love what president says but they love what he’s doing.

Brad Parscale – Digital director at @ Donald J. Trump presidential campaign

He cares about is country. Gives es up his life to talk to the people Very few people would leve what they have to do this His twitter costs us funding but allowed connection. The early voting shown us there is a mathematical chance to win. At that time in the campaign we realised victory was at hand

Mr Trump is in control of social media . I tried facebook when I arrived because there were a lot of donors there.

Social media is a huge asset to raise money

There were reles that are put in place for Layers but he did pretty much what he wanted to . Trump brought real change and that is something that his adversaries do cope with till now.

The issue is that Trump keeps on talking about the growth of the economy.

The question “who’s gonna provide me a better life for me and my family” is answered with one word: Trump.

The presidente needs to keep tweeting to maintain is success and approval.

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